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Chari Hustis

Having grown up in the Wood River Valley, Chari felt fortunate to return home to pursue her career in architecture after graduating with her Master of Architecture degree from Montana State University. Elated with the opportunity to continue her professional path in a locale most only dream of living, she grew her professional proficiency by working at multiple successful firms in the area. After 16 years of experience covering a broad range of project types, she recently found a position as part of the Williams | Partners Architects team.  

With her breadth of knowledge and the successful aggregation of team members at Williams | Partners Architects, Chari is taking the opportunity to pursue a more refined focus on the elements of design she enjoys most. Chari’s strong attraction to details has led her towards a holistic approach to well-intentioned design. Chari’s understanding of the architecture of space and intelligent use of materiality – paired with real-life functionality – creates cohesive designs that are resolved and innovative. 

Chari’s perseverance towards her career has allowed her to create a successful life professionally and personally, as her growing family now gets to experience the many benefits of the wonderful community where she had the privilege of growing up.