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Our Origins

Designing homes in Sun Valley since 1992.

The origins of Williams | Partners Architects, P.C. go back to 1992 when Jeff Williams was commissioned to design a home in Sun Valley, Idaho for his parents.

Over the years, first working as a sole proprietor then later with his partners, the goal has been to deliver quality service to clients. We believe by remaining a small firm we remain more attentive to our clients and focused on each individual project.

Our Mission and Values

Guiding our clients to an enriched life through architecture and expression.

Our job, as we see it, is to act as the client's interpreter and guide, sifting through often conflicting requests and requirements to find the project's unique expression. During this process we attempt to bridge through common place solutions to an expression of architecture, which when successful, leads to an enriched life for the occupant and perhaps becomes a prized family possession.

Our Work

Finding something more than the expected.

Our work depicted here is a reflection of our approach to our clients requests. We feel our job is to search for forms that uniquely define each client's circumstances, that of lifestyle, prospective use, site, budget and aspirations. The homes you see are different from each other because they are a response to the differences among our clients. We hope they demonstrate our flexibility and our willingness to deal with constraints, but also our ability to find something more than the expected and commonplace.

Our small team is a collaborative operation, utilizing and integrating all our strengths in an effort to make the home building process as enjoyable as possible for our clients.

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